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I have high bp problem n weakness

32 Yrs, Male, Kolkata


pain in left hand weakness nausea

53 Yrs, Female, Delhi


I know this person frlm

46 Yrs, Male, Pune


echo tmt report

46 Yrs, Male, Kolkata


Just wanted know health status of my heart

26 Yrs, Male, Bangalore


I have a resting heart rate of 102 bpm. Is it normal ? I don't have symptoms like fainting spells, decongestion in chest etc. However, at times, I feel shortness of breath. I was diagnosed with sinus Tachycardia back in 2011. However, Doctor advised me to

25 Yrs, Male, Kanpur


my father taken mistakenly 2 tablet of levoflaxcin 500mg in morning 10am and 10 pm also.is ot risky.

67 Yrs, Male, Lucknow


mere Papa ko saas lene ma problem hota ha aur ye problem bahut din sa ha hame NE Patna ka doctor paras ma dekh ha us doctor Na kha ha ki saas nali block ho gaya ha mujhe apne papa ka report apko dekh ha aur samjhna ha ma us doctor ksa samhat ni hu plz

65 Yrs, Male, Bangalore


chest pain , heart palpitations, and indigetion, dizziness. difficulty in breathing

25 Yrs, Female, Ahmedabad


Hello doctor i have concern about my repots

27 Yrs, Male, Delhi

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