Best Health Care Benefits for Employees

24x7 Doctor Consultation in 12 Specialities

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Employer benefits

Increase productivity of Employees  —

Save Time for Doctor Consultaion
Reduce Absenteeism due to health issues
Secure Employee's health

Increase Employee Satisfaction  —

Attract and Retain Employees
Ensure Wellness of Employees

Employee benefits

Unlimited Medical Consultations on DocsApp in 15 minutes
Consult in privacy for sensitive health issues Eg.Psychiatry
High Quality Second Opinions
Top Specialists available for second opinions

Convenience  —

No travel to meet the doctor
No cost for consultation
24x7 access to doctors(only MBBS MD specialists) in 12+ specialities

Having DocsApp as your partner you get

Unlimited psychiatry counselling to ensure employee's mental welfare - discreet & private

Specialist doctors dealing with women health like pregnancy care, gynaecology and more

Doctors available 24*7 and in 15 minutes

Consultation for employee and his family members, to take care of parents living far away

Online Specialists in 12 Departments

DocsApp turnaround time is unbelievable. Best MD Doctors in industry, helping our employees in just a click and also round the clock, which is what makes it stand ahead of the rest.

Founder & CEO,

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