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Problems related to Hair Growth ?

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What Is Trichology?

Trichology is a branch of Dermatology which deals specifically with the health and condition of the hair and scalp. It focuses on analysis and the cure of diseases and disorders of hair on the human body or scalp. It is one of the oldest branches of dermatology. As soon as a person observes symptoms of severe hair fall, a trichologist should be consulted for the right treatment.

Who is a Trichologist?

Hair and scalp specialists are known as trichologists. They are mainly trained in life sciences and provide a holistic solution to all the issues related to hair care. They assess the condition based on factors like personal history, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, and environmental exposure. They suggest individualized therapy based on the situation. This therapy involves medications, lifestyle and diet changes. Sometimes they also coordinate with the patient’s physician and family doctor to understand relevant medical problems. An efficient trichologist empathizes with the patient’s situation and advises them on how to cope up as a part of their treatment. It is important to note that, a trichologist is a hair & scalp specialist. However, a trichologist is not medically qualified like a dermatologist.

When To Consult A Trichologist?

Trichologists provide solutions to issues related to hair loss, scalp disorders, hair texture problems, pharmaceutical preparations, and hair replacement. The hair specialist may suggest creams and shampoos for treatment. These products have to be used strictly as per the instructions given by the trichologist.

Treatment Methods

Hair fall control is a holistic approach, it is not just based on medications and food supplements, but also changes in lifestyle and diet of the patient. The Trichologist will start with an analysis of the root cause of hair loss, hair breakage, weakening of hair medulla, infections on the scalp and then proceed with the treatment according to causes. The treatment shall mainly concentrate on preventing hair loss and advancing the immediate condition of hair and scalp, with various alternatives. The alternatives can be surgical and non-surgical processes to treat any disorder in both men and women. There might be a need for repeated treatment for permanent results. Hair loss and scalp issues can affect the patient’s confidence & self esteem. Consulting a hair and scalp specialist online, can help with diagnosis of the issue in complete privacy.

What do Our Hair Specialists Treat?

Hair specialists at DocsApp treat different kinds of hair and scalp disorders. They use the best techniques right from diagnosis to treatment. Our trichologists are also skilled at providing hair scalp care tips for routine care. Hair fall causes low self-esteem and can be a sign of other internal changes in the body. Consulting a hair care expert is the first step, to evaluate early signs of hair fall, dandruff or any other hair/scalp related issues as the ones mentioned below.

Premature Greying Hair -

Hair follicles contain pigment known as melanin.This pigment provides hair its color. Hair tend to lose their pigments over time, resulting in white/grey hair. Premature greying of hair can happen due to stress, anxiety, smoking, and a combination of other factors such as diet, genetic and environmental factors. Most people in India have shades of brown to black hair, so any kind of greying before the age of 30 is considered premature.

Hair Fall/ Hair Loss -

Hair fall is a natural process, around 10-50 strands of hair fall on a daily basis. This helps in the regeneration of fresh and healthy hair. However, if the amount of hair fall is more, or if there is visible receding hair, then it is time to consult a trichologist or even a dermatologist.Sometimes, hair loss can be due to some other disorders or constant fluctuation in the metabolism of the body.

Baldness -

Baldness is more common in men than women, however, it can affect both genders. It is also known as alopecia, and the most common cause is Hereditary and hair loss with age. The symptoms of baldness are gradual thinning of the medulla, circular bald spots on the head, hair fall, body hair loss and patches of bald areasover the scalp. The reasons for baldness can be genetic history, hormonal issues, certain medications and stress.

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Scalp issues -

Common scalp disorders are dandruff itchy scalp, dry/oily scalp and inflammation. These can occur due to allergies, diet, and lifestyle choices. The management of greasy/oily scalp is extremely tricky and guidance from a trichologist is very important. The right shampoo and the frequency of use are very crucial for the treatment.

Dandruff -

Dandruff is one of the most common skin ailments and affects 1 out of 5 individuals. Its symptoms include itchy scalp and flaking white skin. Dandruff is sometimes recurring in nature and needs to be treated effectively, so as to ensure that it doesn’t come back. Anti-dandruff and antifungal shampoos along with therapy are used for the treatment. Dandruff is one of the most common skin ailments and affects 1 out of 5 individuals. Its symptoms include itchy scalp and flaking white skin on the scalp and the hair. These flakes are often visible on the clothes of the patient. Dandruff can bec

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