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What Is Sexology?

Sexology is a branch of science which deals with the scientific study of human behavior with respect to sexuality, sexual interests and functions.Sexology also includes sexual orientation and development, the establishment of sexual relationships and other sexual interests. Sexology is not limited to any age and can be extended to all age groups, from children to old age people. A doctor specialized in the field of sexology is known as Sexologist.

What Does A Sexologist Do?

A sexologist is a specialist in sexology, educated and trained in prospects of human sexual health, orientation, development, development, relationships, dysfunction and disorder. They can help in issues like difficulty in discussing about the sexual wants, inabilities and understanding satisfying sexual activities of their partners. They also treat problems related to past experiences like sexual trauma, sexual abuse, difficulties in getting intimate. Consultation with a sexologist often improv

When To Consult A Sexologist?

Sexologists can be consulted for any complications in sex life like, difficulties in getting closer, sensing abnormal sexual behavior, sexual orientation identity, reduced desires, feeling unskilled in sexual affairs. They can also educate the patients about how the human body functions while having intercourse. Some people suffer from anxiety while indulging in sexual activity, and a sexologist can help them understand how to sensate focus, and increase their satisfaction. Sex Specialist Docto

Why To Consult A Sexologist?

Sex Specialist Doctors acquire advanced certifications to become a sexologist. This is because, most of the Sex problems cannot be analyzed by Sexology Doctors without considering various psychological, genetical, biological, physical and social factors. These factors are related to various cultural and personal beliefs. Sexual thoughts and behaviors depends on the factors stated above, since sex is a widely diverse subject, a sexologist needs to be aware of a wide variety of conditions that can

Why Online Consultation Might Help?

Online consultation not only ensures confidentiality but also saves time. Additionally, people may not have enough time or may hesitate to visit a sexologist, and thus online consultation comes to aid.

What Do Our Sexologists treat?

Sexologists at DocsApp can be consulted for common sexual health issues related to Premature Ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Masturbation, Circumcision, Impotency and Penis Size.Sexologists help the patients to become comfortable to talk about problems during intercourse. They understand patient’s concerns and explain them the medical and psychological implications of sexual dysfunctions. An online sexologist will either provide medication or sex therapy to overcome these sex proble

1. Penis Size

The size of the male penis still raises eyebrows to this day. Issues related to penis size such as penile enlargement, are mostly based on societal and peer pressures. Sexologists often deal with anxieties that men have about their penis size.

2. Circumcision And Foreskin

Tight foreskin issues can cause trouble to a man's sex life and sexual health. It can be best treated with the help of an expert.

3. Sperm Motility and Count

A measure of the number of spermatozoa per ejaculation or per measured amount of semen, used as an indication of a man's fertility.

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4. Penis Size

Penile enlargement refers to any kind of treatment undertaken to increase the size of a man's penis.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sex-related problem in which a man is unable to maintain an erection. This condition can severely affect one's sexual health and lead to other sex-related problems like premature ejaculation.

6. Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a sex-related problem in which a man ejaculates in less than 2 minutes during vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. This condition can severely affect one's personal relationships, sexual health and lead to other sex-related problems like erectile dysfunction. .

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