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There is no vaginal infection no itching no secretion, dnt knw the basis of prescription.

Good Evening xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
Please tell me your problem
Hello mam
Menstruation is not coming frm last 2 months, last cycle was on 27 April which last long for 4 - 5 days, on 5 may there was only just foreplay but no sexual intercourse, only precum, no Ejaculation, after that missed period in the month of may, prega news kit test performed on 14 june but it was negative, second prega kit test performed on 23 june which was also negative, no physical symptoms till today 27 june. Wat to do now, wat are possible outcomes after it, pls help.
And i can take calls only in evening due to job, pls confirm once before placing call
Can you attend my call now
Yes but after few minutes
Till then can we discuss prblm here? Mam
Bcz i have to go out of home to attend call n describe problem
Any thyroid problem
Never checked it
Its symptoms pls?
OK are you gaining weight
Yes she is getting weight frm last year
Married for how long
Any hair growth or pimples on face
Hairs are on upper lip
What is your weight and height
Scalp Hair loss
Height 5 feet Weight 45 to 50 approximately
Please take tab Deviry 10 twice a day for 3 days and wait for 7-10 days you will get periods
Actually she is in 2nd sem of her msc that's why we dnt want pregnancy at this time
Please go for blood test for serum TSH level and send the report
Please go for ultrasound lower abdomen to rule out polycystic ovaries and any other pelvic pathology on 3rd to 5th day of periods and send me the reports
Actually i want to know about the risk of precum on vaginal area
See the pregnancy test is negative so no pregnancy
We have no intercourse till date
But risk of precum is scaring now bcz pregnancy at this stage will spoil our future
Can repeat the pregnancy test tomorrow before taking the tabs
Wat is the surety of prega news?
Yes she can
We hv tested prega news test twice n both were negative
Please take tabs if pregnancy test is negative
Can u pls tell more about deviry 10
Yesterday we hv taken patanjli rajpravartni tablets as they told to cure pcod
Please take tab Deviry 10 bring periods
Mam as u told to get ultrasound test on 3rd n 5th day of period but there is no period since 27 April
Please take tabs to bring periods
Ok mam, is it available at every medical shop?
How many days hcg remains in our body after pregnancy?
Irregularities in periods can cause any serious problem? Bcz last year it takes 54 days to get next period
Ya it is available
Can we get it without prescription?
Rest I will be able to tell after ultrasound report
Pls provide ultrasound test name
DocsApp prescription
Do you have any doubts or wish to share anything more?
Not to worry xxxx, take the medicines that I have prescribed. You will feel better. If you need any help, I am right here.
If there is pregnancy then Wat will we have to do bcz dnt need pregnancy at any cost.
Please discuss after the urine report
Ultrasound test during 3rd to 5th day of periods means?
Please count from , first day of periods
Means ultrasound test when next period will come?
Thanks mam.
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