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I have problem of premature ejaculation.

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Not person specific.. but I think its early even when I masturbate
Hi xxxxxxxxx , Thanks for answering the questions. Dr.xxxxxxxxxxxxx  , MBBS, MD - Psychiatry & Sexology, with 4 years of experience will take up your case! 
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Good Morning! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
My problem is that I ejaculate in less than 2 min.. sometimes even in seconds.. My medical history is I have thyroid problem and BP issue.
Are you married?
Yes.. i have a baby
6 months old
Since when are you having this problem ?
Since beginning.. i mean after martiage
But sometimes, it is fine
How frequently do you have Sex ?
Very less.. due to this problem, I avoid
Pressure of ejaculating early
Earlier what was the gap?
I tried girl up position, that works somehow
Kitne dinon ke gap ke baad sex karte ho??
After baby nhi kia... before that i used to do once in 15 days
Tab kitna time lagta tha?
Time hamesha se yehi tha
I did sex only after marriage.. its same over the years
Understand one fact dear
jab aap regular sex nahi kartexxxxxxxxxxxxiska matlab ye nahi ki xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjab sex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxjaise jaise kam time gapxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ok.. so u suggest i should practice
U must try to.keep.less gaps dear
Do you have Diabetes?
Do you have High BP/Low BP ?
No diabetes
High BP
Taking medicine for high bp?
But nornal now
Do you smoke?
Khayi thi for one month
Do you consume alcohol?
No smoke
Alcohol once in month
Are you having any stress in your life?
My work profile is full of stress with full day sitting
Can we talk on phone?
Patient, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
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u have to do these things for sure: 1. incorporate this list of food in your daily diet, 2. do yoga and mediation 3. stay calm and relaxed during sex (most imp thing) 4. take medication
YOGA: For best results do Yoga for at least 1hour dailyYOGA – 1SARVANGAASANA (SHOULDERSTAND POSE)YOGA – 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCaution: Better to take advice from a yoga expert to get the better result and avoid any mistakes. You may try any 5-6 yoga from the list, as per your comfort.
FOOD:1. Ginger and Honey: Take half a teaspoon of ginger and the same amount of honey and add this to a glass of warm milk. Drink before you are off to bed and you will surely notice the change.2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
DocsApp prescription
Not to worry, take the medicines that I have prescribed. You will feel better. If you need any help, I am right here.
Thank you
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