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Dr. Tejas Patel

MD Psychiatry

8 Years Experience

Online Doctor Rating 4.4

3701 reviews

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Dr. Omprakash L

MBBS, MD Psychiatry

10 Years Experience

Online Doctor Rating 4.4

3207 reviews

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Dr. Abhijit M. Khanna

MBBS, MD - Neuro-Psychiatry

7 Years Experience

Online Doctor Rating 4.7

3317 reviews

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24 Yrs, Male, Chandigarh


bataya nah medam AAP ne

21 Yrs, Male, Indore


I have observed some erection issues recently

44 Yrs, Male, Hyderabad


hi while having sex i sperm will not come early i want to know is there any problem in me

26 Yrs, Male, Hyderabad

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Dr. Krishan Kumar Sharma

क्या लिंग का छोटा होना एक शारीरिक बिमारी है ?

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