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Concerned about Greying Hair?

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Greying of hair is a common phenomenon associated with ageing. Our hair follicles contain a pigment called melanin which is responsible for our hair colour. As a person grows old, the capability to synthesise the normal amount of melanin pigment diminishes which ultimately results in the greying of hair. However, a person of any age can experience greying of hair.


-Melanin deficiency -Vitamin B12 deficiency -Unhealthy eating habits -Genetic predisposition -Faulty diet -Vitiligo -Thyroid problems -Mental stress -Anxiety -Neurological disorders -Anaemia -Use of hairstyling appliances -Lack of nutrition -Chemical shampoos -Over exposure to Pollution -Drugs like CHLOROQUINE, Tyrosine kinase inhibitors like Imatinib, Sunitinib in high dosage -Hormonal Imbalances


One of the most prominent symptoms of grey hair is the loss of natural hair colour. However, if greying of hair is caused due to another underlying health condition, then one might experience symptoms of that particular health condition.

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In order to prevent grey hair, it is important to have nutritious food and follow a good hair care routine. Various home remedies and over-the-counter dyes may help cover grey hair. It is best to consult a hair expert for proper diagnosis and an effective treatment plan in Initial phase itself.

The treatment process involves analysis of the hair, existing hair care routine and the scalp type.

The doctor may advice a lab test & assess the lab reports and recommend the best treatment, appropriate shampoos and medications as per the diagnosis. The most important factor in any hair care treatment plan, is diet and nutrition. The doctor suggests proper nutrition & lifestyle that must be adopted for healthy hair. Any hair care treatment requires good patient compliance for best results. It may require time to evaluate progress of a treatment plan on a particular patientIf the treatment works constantly, the patient may continue with it.


Premature greying of hair can be prevented with the help of some home remedies like: -Eating a balanced diet -Applying Coconut oil and curry leaves -Using Ribbed gourd & olive oil -Incorporating lemon juice & onion pack in hair care routine -Applying henna and egg -Exercising everyday -Taking nutritional supplements -Using Black seed or mustard oil -Drinking lemon water everyday -Reducing use of hairstyling products as much as possible -Wash hair 2-3 times a week -Eat more fruits & vegetables -Consume more vitamin-rich foods like seafood, milk, eggs, and meats -Avoiding smoking

Popular Myths on Premature greying of hair

-It is not possible to reverse grey hair- Well, it is possible but certainly not back to the original color. It is possible for the follicle to revive the pigment cells in case of premature greying of hair. -It is possible for hair to turn grey overnight- It is not possible to undergo such a drastic change in 6-8 hours. Plucking one grey hair will trigger many more- That’s a myth. Though plucking one grey hair will not cause more grey hair, but it surely can damage the follicle resulting in no hair growing back at all. -Coloring hair will affect the original pigment- In most of the cases, colored strands are not the reason behind loss of pigment. However, trying out different hair colors time and again can cause hair to become brittle. As chemicals in hair colors damage the hair roots. -Stress can be the sole cause behind white hair- Stress may cause hair fall but it may not be the only reason behind the follicle losing its pigment. Although it can add up to other reasons. -Smoking can turn the hair grey- Smoking can cause hair to turn grey and lose its pigment. -Exposure to sun resulted in white hair- Overexposure to the sun is not good for healthy hair care routine but it cannot be the root cause of white hair. But exposure of prematured grey hair to sunlight may cause irreversible white hair.

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