Age: 22
Gender: Male
Topic: Sexology
Location: India
Doctor I did an online self care test on Docsapp. They have sent you the results, Please advise the next steps. Fast ejaculation
What is your current age? 22
Are you sexually active? Yes
Please specify your gender Male
How satisfied are you with your sex life? Moderately satisfied
What is your goal? Have sex for long time Have larger penis
Do you have any of the following habits? Alcohol consumption
Good Evening xxxxxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
Thanks! Doctor has received your payment
xxxxxxxxxxxi, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
Call Ended. Status : completedDuration 12 : 46 sec
Premature ejaculationI would like to suggest you a couple of exercises for PE1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If u have any further queries u can consult me again once for free within next 3 days
Do you have any doubts or wish to share anything more?
This Medicine will improve ur function slowly within a month without any side effects
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