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Doctor I did an online self care test on DocsApp. They have sent you the results, please advise the next steps. Hai Doctor my age is 25 yes old am still bachelor . my penis is small and it have little bend So how to problem Solve please let me know. if I get married my wife get any sexual problem Or not satisfied this much penis please help me..

Good Afternoon xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
What is the size of penis in inches when erect is
I don't about size I think 4 inches
actual size I don't know sir
4 inches is an Indian average.
Penis size is worrying you. Let me inform you that in the vagina of a women, the most stimulant part is the outer third of the vagina and the inner part is mostly non-stimulating. So after the first 2 inches, any extra size of the penis doesnt help in improving the sexual stimulation. So in no way you are impotent.
You can have sex and provide adequate stimulation to your partner even with a small erect penis. Infact you would be glad to know that while having sex, half of the orgasms that a lady has is even before the actual insertion of the penis takes place. They occur with touching, fondling of breasts, kissing etc. Unlike men who have only one orgasm with ejaculation, women have multiple orgasms even with these acts.
I would suggest that, leave the embarrassment and try having sex. Mostly you would be able to have sex and satisfy a woman as well. There is no medical option to increase the size of penis.... No oils. No medicine. The only way is a surgery procedure which is too complicated and risky. Moreover after surgery, there is a chance that the penis may become a bit lax. So it is recommended only if the penis size is too small like less than 2 inches in erect state. So try avoiding it.
thank you, doctor
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