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difficult for having sex...lots of pain and psychological issue some kind of anxiety for having sex

doctor I will get married soon I'm afraid of having sex with my future husband
I'm afraid that having relation results of vaginal pain
actually I was married before and got divorced due to some problem he tried to make relation with me but I felt that he was hitting in wall he did not penetrate
hiii doctor
Good Afternoon Xxxxx xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
doctor I'm afraid of having physical relation
soon I'm getting married
I don't want to disappoint him
I think that having relation cause pain in vaginal area
There is nothing to be afraid of
You are not the first one getting married
The pain is not that significant
Its minor pain and gradually it will reduce
actually Dr I was married before
I got divorced when I was married my ex tried to make relation but as soon as he penetrate I felt that he was hitting on wall
Was this the reason of ur divorce?
no doctor this was not the reason
reason was something else
but doctor I don't want to disappoint my future husband
he has too many expectations with me
even I too want to make him as well as myself happy
Did u feel.pain during sex earlier?
actually he tried to penetrate but he was still vergin
is there any tablet or ointment
How many times he tryied?
4 to 5 time
I think that I'm suffering from veginimous
Can we talk on phone?
OK doctor sure
Call u in 2min
I am calling you now. Please pickup.
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thank you, doctor
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