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What Is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry mainly deals with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, headache etc. It is a medical specialty which focuses on maintaining a healthy life by treatment, diagnosis and prevention of mental illnesses. It improves the mental well-being of an individual by medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Psychiatry is a medical approach adopted to treat a patient by analyzing their thought-process, behavior and attitude. A doctor specialized in psychiatry is known as a Psychiatrist.

What Does A Psychiatrist Do?

A psychiatrist analyses attitudes of people under different situations, to treat their mental illness, or diagnose history of any substance abuse. Psychiatrists are medical specialty doctors who assess mental and physical aspects of various psychological disorders. They usually prescribe medicines along with psychotherapy. Psychiatrists are trained in providing medication based on the patient’s illness, and this is one of the main factors that sets them apart, from clinical psychologists and psy

Why Online Consultation Can Help?

Online consultation with psychiatrists can help you get immediate answers to some burning questions about anxiety, depression and more. Also, many patients and their families are not willing to visit a psychiatrist due to societal pressures and fear of being ridiculed. In such cases, online consultations can be really helpful. People who suffer from depression are worried about confidentiality and privacy while discussing their mental condition. Secure online consultations can help patients ove

Why Instant Help Is Required?

Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and other mental disorders can be sudden and usually leads to outbursts in the behavior of the patient. The family of the patient may not know the best method to control the situation. If sometimes these triggered behaviors are not treated immediately, it can disrupt the everyday life of the patient.

When Psychiatric Help Is Needed?

Psychiatric help is needed if the person is undergoing pressure or difficulty in handling day-to-day life. Psychiatric help is very important in cases of impetuous or bipolar mood swings. Also, it is very useful if the person is contemplating suicidal thoughts. Sometimes substances are abused by the patient to cope with emotional pain or trauma caused by past experiences, and psychiatrists can help in dealing with such addictions.

What Do Our Psychiatrists Treat?

Psychiatrists at DocsApp address concerns related to anxiety disorder, clinical depression, severe headache etc. They help the patients in being open about their issues, communicate more and become interactive. The procedure is usually a medical approach but the doctors also consider biological, socio-cultural and psychological aspects of the patient. The psychiatrist may also use psychotherapeutic measures if necessary to treat the patient in a quicker or efficient manner. The therapeutic measu

Depression -

Depression is termed as a medical illness that forces a negative mindset within an individual and a doubtful perception of activities undertaken and of self . The common symptoms of depression are loneliness, emptiness, despair, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sleep disturbances etc. It can also have other symptoms like illness, pain, digestion issues and stomach aches. A person going through depression will most likely experience fatigue, weight gain/loss and food disorder. Usually, in cases of teenagers and kids, the symptoms are drug abuse, social withdrawal, isolation, trouble fo

Anxiety -

Anxiety, is usually described as a state of apprehension and increased alertness. The most common symptoms of anxiety attacks are palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and numbness, trembling etc. If a person feels caught in severe danger, parted from reality or loses control of the body, then there are high chances of suffering from an anxiety disorder. It is extremely difficult for a person suffering from anxiety to overcome emotional distress. An anxiety attack might range from a few minutes to long hours. There may be a high level of stress response and fear, that the patient may ex

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