Dr. Renu Khandelwal


18 Years of Experience

8409 Reviews

Medical Registration Verified


Sexual Health Disorders, Psychological Health Disorders,Masturbation Issues, Safe Sexual Practice, Cognitive Error, Behavioral Techniques ,Active Listening, Non Judgmental Approach

Consultant for -

(Previously at) The Oxford Medical College

Areas of expertise -

Erection Problem, Premature Ejaculation Treatment of Clinical Depression, Depression and Low Mood, Anxiety Issues De-addiction, Performance Issues, Stress and Anxiety Relationship Problems, Confidence Issues

Practised At

(Previously at) The Oxford Medical College, Hospital & Reasearch Centre Yadavanahalli, Jigala, Karnataka 562107

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Commonly Asked Questions - Sexology


i think my penis is small. can please tell me actual length and width of penis and if it's small then how can I increase it.

21 Yrs, Male, Mumbai


jaldi nikal jana

29 Yrs, Male, Delhi


Mujhe Hastmaithun ki lat lagi chodne ki koshish karta hu chodti nhe.... preshan hu me

19 Yrs, Male, Delhi


I had unprotected sex with my partner . I'm not sure whether the cemen entered in her vagina or not but i remember one thing 90 % of the cemen was ejaculated outside not inside or near the vagina should i suggest her unwanted 72 or i pill as protection ??

19 Yrs, Female, Lucknow


How do I stop masturbating? I've been doing this every day since years.

25 Yrs, Male, Mumbai

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