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Drotin m tablet is suggested for this pain by one of the doctors I've consulted recently. What is the tablet for?

Good Evening xxxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
For pain
yeah. I have some pain like pelvic pain and lower back pain. The pain continued till the legs. It is constantly paining. I don't understand what the pain might be. I never had this kind of pain and it is for the first time. I had this pain on my 4th and 5th day of my period. After this period also it is constantly paining in that particular part. So I recently contacted one of the doctors online and that doctor said that it is not normal and told me to take drotin m tablet and sonography test.
You told me to take Meftal tablet. which one should I take? drotin or Meftal?
They are almost the same dear
If u have brought drotin...take it
Okay madam and one more thing I've already told me a problem near the anus and you told me that it is piles. will you confirm it and suggest me if I send you the pics of that?
I've already told you*
I'm getting severe leg pains also. Is Meftal removes leg pains too? or will you suggest me another tablet for leg pains?
We need to examine for confirming the piles
ok what about leg pains?
Take the same medicine
thank you for helping doctor.
welcome dear
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