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Uterus fibroid and overian cyst reoccure after surgery which was held an year ago

Please enter the Patient's name xxxx
How man days has it been since your last period? This month
How many days of bleeding have you had in this or the last period? 5
Have you done an ultrasound? Yes
Do you have any of the following conditions? Pain during periods
Call can not be connected as i live in saudi
Your opinion will be enough
My wife had surgery last year for uterus fibtoid and overian cyst , now the problem reoccured , mri report i hv sent you , please check and suggest what to do , phone calling not required , just your opinion will be enough
Good Afternoon xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
My wife had a cyst and fibroid surgery last year , now problem has reoccured , mri report is attached for your reference
Juat want your opinion what can we do , we are married an year ago and no child yet we have
We live in saudi so u will not be able to call us
So your opinion on mesaage will be enough
As we are out of india we are getting responce very late ma'am
I am unable to open ur report
Kindly resend
It says , few t2 hypoitense intramural fibroid sen on uterus largest easuring 1.7x2x1.9cms
Right overy shows few cyst largest measuring 1.2x1.2 cms , left overy is normal
Both felopian tubesare damaged 2 minutes
have u received report ma'am
xxxx, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
mam we live in saudi , phone caa will not be possible for u
message will be enough , we just need your advice
Ok.. Wats ur doubt
ma'am , if u hv gone through report , can you please tell if surgery is required again
For fibroid its not necessary
and we are just married before an year , last augast she already had a surgery for same
And this endometriosis will b a recurring issue even if surgey is done
Its better u have a laparoscopy and go for ivf
i hv already freezed my sperms
her weight has shoot up 25 kg after operation , will it be a problem
have u check the report ma'am
Yaa saw the report
Surgery doesn't cause weight gain
Lack of physical activity and workout must b the reason
ok ma'am , so better we should go for ivf asap
so no need to worry much na ma'am
and how will this reoccurance of fibroid and cyst will stop
Ivf is not very easy
Success rate is also 10-20%
It cannot be stopped
ok ma'am
so should we operate and remove all organs
during delivery ,
Not necessarily
because she is in lot of pain
Ya endometriosis is such a condition only
i live in xxxxxxx , she is living in xxxxxxxx , we never stayed together after marriage and since after marriage these problems started
so we are confused what to do
fibroids can get cleared by medicines ????
then ma'am , can we do ivf with fibroids
and cyst
laproscopy will remove both
laproscopy is a major operation ???
ok ma'am
what if we dont want child
because how many times she will go under operation
i dont want that
The symptoms will anyway b there
she cant ever be healthy???
Ya.not like others
Fibroid will not b any harm
Endometriosis will
if we removed uterus and overies
what if we delayed the surgery
Uterus and ovaries if removed will cause premature menopause and severe hormonal imbalance
so ma'am its all complex , finally please give your opinion that what we can fo in long term plan
like for next 10 years
and how much it will cost nearly
last surgey , we paid nearly 1.5 ,l
U can do a laparoscopy to know the status, go for IVF
and after that ma'am???
in last surgery her intestine was stick toeach other
so it became major surgery last time
Oh then surgery will also b difficult
then ma'am
please suggest something , to close this issue
It cannot b done
so ma'am , what to do
Actually the treating doctor only will know her actual status
Its not like maths
U can go step by step only
V cannot except 100% results in each step
ok ma'am
will she be alive ???
Or else freeze her eggs also and go for surrogacy if ivf within her uterus fails
U can only try and see
Its not related to death
we dont need baby , just her health
Ok then she has to b on continuous medicines
ok ma'am
and after some years we will operate and remove overy and uterus
will it help
Ya may b
and we wont go for baby , she is already very overweight but very weak
causr i think cyst size is small so can it be rupture by medicines
causr i think cyst size is small so can it be rupture by medicines
ok ma'am , thank you thats enough informatikn
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