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Hi My sister and her husband is planning for baby.In the year 2008 she suffered from TB( Tuberculosis) and she had completed all the relevant medications under doctor's observation ( DOTS) and she got rid of TB.It's been more than 10 years now. Does this medical history will affects on baby? what are the tests need to b done to check out status of residual tuberculosis bacteria in body?Is it possible that bacteria still alive in body and adversely it affects on baby? Her family doesn't know about her TB history .Is it requirement to tell her lady doctor regarding TB history?

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me and my husband trying to get conceive since 1.5 year , we don't use any contraceptive since then.. my husband has sperm count issue and we already started treatment for the same..but I didn't reveal TB medical history under impression that it was long ago , so m worried if that would adversely affect on baby ? need ur consult on this issue.
Thanks doctor
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