Age: 34
Gender: Female
Topic: Gynecology
SubTopic: AbdominalPain
Location: India
I have this mild pain in left side of my belly since morning, with leg pain and slight numbness in my toes.
Hello xxxxxxxx,, ! I am the doctor’s assistant. Before your consultation with the doctor starts, it is important that you answer the following questions.
Do you have Fever? No
Does it hurt more on touching? No
Since when are you having this problem ? A few hours
Do you have Nausea/vomiting? No
Do you have any of the following conditions? None
Hi xxxxxxx , Dr.xxxxxx will take up your case.
Thanks! Doctor has received your payment
A call consultation helps you discuss your health issue with the doctor, in great detail. It is also a sure shot way to get undivided attention. Please ensure your ringtone is loud enough so that you can receive the doctor’s call and ask all the questions you need to.
Good Evening xxxxxxx, ! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
xxxxxx, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
Call Ended. Status : completed Duration : 4 min 18 sec
Do you have any doubts or wish to share anything more?
Not to worry xxxxxxx, take the medicines that I have prescribed. You will feel better. If you need any help, I am right here.
will follow the medicines you told.
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