Age: 52
Gender: Female
Topic: General Medicine
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thyroid 0.09 .. pain in cuff muscles. growing weak. always tired and sleepy.. back of the knee swelling. knees growing darker.. hands shaking.

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Low Thyroid (hypothyroidism)
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thyroxine sodium, cipla calcium and vit D3, COD liver oil, pregabalin nortipan 75mg
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Constipation Muscle weakness Excessive Sweating
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Fatigue or excessive tiredness Weight gain around your face and back
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Good Morning xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
Please share thyroid reports and medicine detail
I am not ready with it right now however thyroid level is 0.09
is it that I won't be able to send the reports an hour later??
there is a constant pain behind my knees near my cuff muscles always ..
am aged 52
my hands are always shaking and feels tired almost always...
I was prescribed with nortapin, COD liver oil, vita D3 and calcium tablets, thyroxine sodium capaules
and doctor has asked me to eat everything whereas I am not satisfied cause I have a very low thyroid level.
and am growing weak tired day by day and my knees are turning black.. leg and back pain are constant.
Please share thyroid report and medicine dose. I will call you
okay I will do it within an hour or two if you do not mind sir .. and as per feel free to call me..
Okay madam
xxxx, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
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thank you, doctor
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