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I have a problem of motion sickness. I tried many tablets but it just doesn't go away. once I seat in a car or bus I start feeling nauseous severe headache, shortness of breath, vomiting, dizziness, heart beat increase. if tried many tablets and home remedies as soon as I take a tablet I immediately vomit it out or even if I don't it does not work on me.

Do you have loose motions? Yes
Do you have Fever or Abdominal pain? Yes
as I have mentioned before I need an good medication to avoid motion sickness
Good Morning XXXX I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
Can u name me the medicine u took till now
I actually do not remember. I have tried 3-4 tablets.
it's been a while as I have stopped travelling as last time I had to take a saline after traveling
now I need to travel again so I need an effective medicine so I don't have to face the same problem again
See is there is medicine which might help u
ok. how much effective can it be
is there any other things with medicine I should take in mind
It should be effective
Dun drink water or eat food
N this medicine will be mouth dissolving so dun worry
When u travel dun watch outside
Just close eyes relax
ok. please send me the name of medicine
and exactly when should I take it or how much time before traveling shud I take the medicine
30 mins before
Anything else u want to ask
no this will be it. just do give me a medicine name. thank you
DocsApp prescription
Do you have any doubts or wish to share anything more?
Not to worry XXXX, take the medicines that I have prescribed. You will feel better. If you need any help, I am right here.
sir can u tell me if this medicine I shud take only when I am traveling or should I take a 5day course as it has said on the prescription
No only before traveling
Not for daily basis
also I can take it every time I travel?
ok thank you sir. I will get in contact if I need any other assistance
Everytime u can take
thank you, doctor
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