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hy sir,, I have stomach issues for long time. I am having gas most of the time. Sour taste in throat, needle like pain on heart, dizziness. plz give solution

Hello xxxx, Welcome to DocsApp! I am the doctor’s assistant. Before your consultation with the doctor starts, it is important that you answer the following questions.
Do you have difficulty in swallowing?
Do you have difficulty in swallowing? No
Has it been there for 2 weeks or more?
Has it been there for 2 weeks or more? Yes
Hi xxxx , Dr. xxxx will take up your case.
Good Evening xxxx! I am here to help you, please tell me more about your problem.
sir, sometimes my heart beats very fast
sour water like is always there in my throat
and nausea is there
xxxx, I am calling you now. Please pickup.
ok sir
Call consultation completed. Duration : 16 min 04 sec
DocsApp prescription
DocsApp prescription
thank you, doctor
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