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A Rash is an alteration in the human skin which affects the color, texture and temperature of the skin in the said area. It can make the skin chapped, bumpy, scaly, cracked, blistered, pus filled and reddish. A rash can be global (occurring all over the body) or localised (occurring in a specific area only). Hence, it can appear on one part of the body or spread to a large area. Usually, rashes occur due to the comprehensive eruption of skin injuries. It is a broad phenomenon and hence, it differs in appearance and duration. As there can be innumerable causes of rashes, there exists a wide range of treatments. Rashes can be hard, moistened, jarring or flat. They can also be painful to the patient due to inflammation. There are thousands and millions of people affected by rashes and most of them don't take it seriously and think it is normal. While, it might be true for some rashes, which do not need any treatment, or which can be treated with home remedies, but there are rashes which can indicate some other serious condition.


There can be a number of possible causes of rashes like hypersensitivities, infections, reactions to medicines and vaccinations. The infections can be due to bacteria, fungi or parasites. Here are some more causes. -Dry skin -Allergy -Heat exposure -Seborrheic dermatitis -Clothing dyes -Cosmetic products -Poisonous plants -Rubber or latex -Certain prescription drugs -Infection due to viruses -Candidiasis -Nutritional deficiency -Uric acid -Shingles


-Itchiness -Redness -Flaky skin -Fluid-filled blisters -Infection -Bumps -Discoloration of skin -Blisters -Body Aches -Dry Cough -Soreness -Stuffy nose -Increased Heart rate -Excessive Sweating -Vomiting -Fever & fatigue

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It is important to maintain skin hygiene and take precautions to not aggravate the rashes further. In the case of severe rashes, it is recommended to consult a specialist as it can be a sign of another underlying health condition. It is possible for anyone to contact rashes but the treatment depends on the cause. Following these procedures can help to race through the healing process. -Use of gentle & moderate cleansers rather than using strong fragrance soaps. -Wash skin and hair with cold or lukewarm water instead of hot water. -Do not rub the rash. -Do not cover the rash with clothing or band-aid or else it will not heal soon. -Avoid using new beauty products as they can cause rashes. -Do not use any scented moisturizers or cream on the rash affected area. -Do not scratch the rash or it will lead to infection. -Take an oatmeal bath as it will decrease the inflammation. -Wash your hair every alternate day with a mild shampoo.

A doctor should immediately be consulted if the rashes appear with other symptoms like

-Increasing pain or discolouration in the rash area -Tightness or inflammation in the throat -Breathlessness -Swelling of the face or other parts of the body -Fever of 100.4°F or higher -Severe headache -Neck pain -Nausea -Red marks -Fragile areas near the rash -Any recent animal or insect bite The dermatologist doctor would ask questions related to rash, medical history, diet, recent medications, hygiene & diet habits, etc. The doctor will also check the temperature and ask for any tests related to allergies, blood count etc. The dermatologist may also recommend some medicated lotion to reduce the discomfort.

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