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What is Neurology

Neurology is a branch of medicine which deals with the disorders of the nervous system.

What our Neurologist treat

Our Neurology experts address concerns of patients, who suffer from seizures, have lost their ability to move their limbs or have severe speech impairment. They start with a basic neurological exam, which involves the assessment of basic brain function, for gaining a basic understanding about the location of the problem within the nervous system. This is because, a small change in the way that a patient feels in one of his or her limbs may be the first sign of a major regional brain problem such as cancer or blood flow obstruction. By recognizing such small symptoms and details, neurologists are frequently able to treat the disease in its incipient stages and save the patient's life.

2. Headache

Headache refers to the feeling of pain and discomfort in the head, neck or scalp.

3. Fever

Fever is a state of abnormally high temperature along with other symptoms like cold, cough, headache, bodyache, etc

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Common questions asked by users

Questions By User


Hello! I had an accident nearly 25 days ago i which it was head injury. Stitches were removed after 8 days of treatment. Things were normal but suddenly I am having heavy headache.

21 Yrs Male Delhi
Questions By User


I am suffering from neck sprain since 3 weeks. I am having cervical and lumbar spondylosis. I would like to know the reason for such neck sprain happening frequently. This time it is not cured yet. I am not able to move my neck also. Too much pain in str

34 Yrs Male Ahmedabad
Questions By User


my friend is having a severe headache I think it's migraine.......and it's been continuous from last 2 days,what should she do to get relief

22 Yrs Female Chandigarh
Questions By User


I get sudden shoot pains at the right side of my head.. Google says, it's a ice pick headache as part of migraine.. I get this problem once or twice in a month and sometimes once in 3-4 months.. I have been suffering from this for past 4 years. Last year

34 Yrs Male Bangalore
Questions By User

Uterine Issues

my mother is suffering from her leg problem actually 3 years bck she operated, had uterus problem. so after that operation..there was no power in her left leg..and then she had done pysiotheraphy, 90% is problem solved..but still 10% s

48 Yrs Female Jaipur
Questions By User


I am 35 years old female. Unmarried I have a history of migraine like headache for 15 years. Of late I have developed sinus issue as well. As per my ENT doctor, my neck X-ray indicates Cervical Spondylosis. For the past two months I have had frequent epis

35 Yrs Female Lucknow
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Questions By User

Hip Pain

sciatica pain from waist to knee. there's a pinched nerve. mom can't walk. she initially had it tested and took medicines too

45 Yrs Female Kolkata
Questions By User


am always feeling feeling pain in my chest and when i sit in meditation my head inside like it is hilling inside.means like jaise dil dhadkta hai aise hi brain hilta rhta hai. and it mostly happens when i do work on computer with concentration and this pa

29 Yrs Male Chandigarh
Questions By User


ha has sever depression mri can be done for depression?

37 Yrs Male Bangalore
Questions By User

Back Pain

hlo sir my frnd have a cyst on spinal cord it fill with blood automatically it causes pain .....few year back he was fell down on bus handle frm that day he suffering frm pain few month before he consult dctr n take medi. he was alrght ...but now a cyst a

27 Yrs Male Chandigarh
Questions By User

Elbow Pain

once in April 05,2017 there is very tiny square clot deep in branch artery, due to which my left leg and hand feel some weaknesses .still I feel uneasyness in same part my hand is not completely recovered and there is pain near elbow when I pick some heav

255 Yrs Male Delhi
Questions By User


Hello Goodevening , My mother is suffering from vertigo.. (feels like body imbalance) like whenever she walks... engage in some household work.. more than that she had H/O DM, HTN, and thyroid ... arthritic patient.. and is on her regular medicine ..

53 Yrs Female Delhi